Answer: Classhopper Bookmark is an app that allows teachers to track and assess student progress in independent reading. It times how long each student reads each day and asks the student one verbal question each day. The student’s verbal response is recorded so the teacher can assess it. You can get a free trial to learn more!
Answer: Classhopper Bookmark can be used with any independent reading book (digital or traditional).
Answer: The questions contained in the app come from your state’s standards. They are general, yet thought provoking questions that will help your students stay on track toward mastery of reading standards.
Answer: Of course not! We know that students really benefit from personal attention from teachers. We also know that teachers never have enough time to meet all of their students’ needs. Classhopper Bookmark allows teachers to really focus their time in a way that moves achievement forward.
Answer: Teachers can quickly identify standards that are challenging for students and focus instruction toward those standards. Follow-up instruction can happen with the whole class, small groups, or individual students.
Answer: Yes, when you purchase Classhopper Bookmark, you will receive the list of questions for your state and grade level. Asking similar questions in your guided reading groups will help your students develop their skills quickly!
Answer: No, Classhopper Bookmark will help you track and assess your students’ progress in reading comprehension, during independent reading. We will be adding new tools called Alphamoji and Hopping Good Books very soon that will support you in teaching your students to read. You can sign up for updates here.
Answer: Classhopper Bookmark is an iOS app, so students who use it will need to access it through iPads. You will likely need one or two iPads dedicated to your independent reading area in order for your students to get the most from Classhopper Bookmark. Teachers will access the program through the web, so most devices will work for teachers. Please contact ClasshopperInfo@gmail.com to learn more about implementation in your classroom.
Answer: Absolutely! We love to work with homeschool families and parents. You can get a free trial here.

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