Classhopper system

We want you to have all the tools you need to ensure every student in your class is a great reader!


Our first tool


Bookmark tracks each student’s independent reading on any book (traditional or e-books) and student comprehension, using your state’s standards. Want to know how it works? Sign up for your free trial today.

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Alphamoji is an easy-to-use phonics tool that will get all of your students decoding in no time. Included with Alphamoji are simple, small group lessons and activities for centers in your classroom. This tool provides you with a way to effortlessly track students’ progress while they participate in small groups with you.

Hopping Good Books

Hopping Good Books are aligned with our Alphamoji program, providing your students with books that are completely decodable every step of the way. These original books are written and illustrated by the most talented authors and artists. If you think controlled vocabulary books are boring and uninspiring, let Hopping Good Books change your mind!

Classhopper System

When used together, Bookmark, Alphamoji and Hopping Good Books form the Classhopper System. Classhopper provides you with a personalized learning plan for every student, every day. With Classhopper, you can focus on student learning and ensure that every minute in your reading classroom leads to better reading skills for your students.

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